Diving into that forbidden topic: Yourself. This is a merciless probe into who we are: A curiosity about our own honesty, A curiosity that can heal.

The most effective remedy for the widest range of obstacles is the genuine experience of EMPTINESS.

Ponlop Dzogchen

Stop living based on the POINT OF VIEW or standards of people who DON’T even care about you. These people are insecure and FRIGHTENED themselves, but cover it up through these hurtful projections.

Lara Snow

Freedom is the Realization
That I have never been bound.
There is no one who is bound
And nothing that binds.
You cannot fear your own being and expect to travel through it, to explore its dimensions. First you must take the simple step of affirming your identity. That affirmation will release those attributes that you have and open up new avenues of experience. They will and must be your own. When you ask others to interpret your dreams, for example, you are automatically putting the fulfillment of your own potentials a step away. When you ask another to tell you the direction of your life, then to some extent you keep from yourself the realization that you yourself possess it, without that awareness no methods will help you.

Seth/Jane Roberts, The Nature of Personal Reality (via meditationsinwonderland)

To know Reality,
Know yourself.
It is better to say
That the world is in you
Than you are in the world.